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Capacity Building

"Capacity building is all about enabling right people with right knowledge, skill-sets and attitude. The right mix of all these components helps in overcoming complex challenges thrown in the process of implementing e-Government projects".

- N.R. Narayana Murthy, Founder & Chief Mentor, Infosys Technologies Limited.

Capacity Building in governments involves the upgradation of capabilities at all levels. The advent of new age tools further facilitate in imparting knowledge, by which governments fulfill their responsibilities effectively. These responsibilities are: budgeting, collecting revenue, creation and implementation of laws, promoting civic engagement, transparency, accountability and eradication of corruption.

In developing countries, the socio-economic issues need to be addressed efficiently; this can only be achieved through good governance. E-Governance is the operation of the government through technology. In support of Government to Citizen, Government to Business and Government-to-Government transactions, the e-governance network facilitates the flow of information through various departments to reach the end-user. The migration and adoption to e-governance necessitates that the government stakeholder's skill by built through capacity building initiatives, which are key to the success of e-governance.

E-Governance enables governments to meet their responsibilities with increased ease and efficiency. UTL entered the E-governance domain with APSWAN. Having built first of its kind infrastructure, it had to train the end users and high-ranking Government officials on the features of the Voice-Video-Data Network Communications System. UTL offered the training to about 1500 plus Government stakeholders in Andhra Pradesh, in collaboration with the National Institute of Smart Governance.

UTL went on to build 5 other State-Wide Area Networks. UTL met the capacity building need in each state governments by training them on the Features of the SWAN, Usage of Internet and IP phones, Video Conferencing, and utilizing the Infrastructure to enable better governance. UTL trained close to 500 government stakeholders in Gujarat, 800 government stakeholders in Jharkhand, 3229 government stakeholders in Kerala, 474 government stakeholders in Goa and 4690 government stakeholders in Karnataka.