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Long Haul Solutions

The efficient UTL DWDM series of products offers flexible multiplexing and transport on long-haul and platforms. Enhanced features include full ROADM capabilities, 10/40/100 Gbit/s transmission on an ETSI rack and the supreme reliability of path-based protection.

UTL DWDM is completely remote manageable and GMPLS enabled, it allows wavelengths to be added or dropped remotely, at any node, to swiftly create end-to-end optical paths.

The UTL DWDM ROADM supports up to 40 wavelengths in L band & 80 wavelengths on C band. Since capacity can be expanded to 80 channels per band, service providers can flexibly design optical networks without worrying about upgrading and reconfiguring the network to meet future traffic demands.

New revenue services like bandwidth on demand are supported, as well as generalized multi-protocol label switching (GMPLS), is enriched with various flexible cards.

Key Features:

  • Maximum 80 wavelengths capacity and soon launching 120 Channels
  • Remotely management for optical add, drop and pass-through functions at any node and any wavelength
  • Versatile WEB 2.0 NMS with SNMP based system on CORBA Compliance

Major Benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Support for full-band-tunable transponders enables rapid service deployment and decreases spare part costs
  • Reduced re-routing time
  • Rapid reconfiguration of optical paths through remote add, drop, or pass-through at any node and wavelength

Mobile Back Haul Solutions

The combined need for greater bandwidth and lower costs have compelled mobile network operators to look for solutions that preserve their legacy voice infrastructure while taking advantage of the cost and scalability advantages that packet-based technologies (i.e., HSPA+, WiMAX, LTE) promise.

UTL DWDM had enabled one of the biggest back haul network of the world.

Our WDM offer a hybrid mobile backhaul solution built on a packet-based technology capable of scaling to support the growing demand for data hungry 3+G/4G services while allowing integration of TDM to support legacy 2G/3G voices services will have a competitive advantage.

With UTL Backhaul, it is easy to migrate any mobile network to packet technology with carrier-class reliability.

With UTL DWDM, operators can manage this traffic cost-effectively. That's because we converge new and existing technologies onto a single platform.

We offer:

  • Ethernet and packet backhaul for 3G and 4G networks
  • Multiservice backhaul for 2G and 3G networks
  • Optical backhaul for networks with huge capacity needs

Our WDM ensures one of the best and economical TDM over Ethernet

  • We ensure ubiquitous Ethernet Access
  • Deliver Ethernet Services where only access available is TDM
  • Lower CAPEX than buying router with TDM POS ports
  • Lower OPEX through Ethernet Demarcation benefits
  • Easy MEF accredited multi-site solutions

Broadband Solutions

UTL DWDM may be the lone product in world which had made specific customizations to ADSL, VDSL etc & IPTV roll outs for FTTH systems.

The customized DWDM boxes are available for:


DSLAM Interconnection for triple play ADSL etc.


STM-16 | 1 GbE, 10 GbE | CWDM/DWDM, hybrid.


Meshed ring with > 80 links.

Key performance:

Full service mix | Hybrid | 10G support on CWDM

Other attractions:

  • OTH G.709 compliant
  • High Density
  • 32λ ready
  • 4:1 TDM for STM-16
  • Scalability