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DWDM 10G System

UTL 10G DWDM is the lone Indian TEC approved long haul DWDM product. UTL WDM is also highest deployed WDM in India.

The proven 10G DWDM of UTL is available in various grids starting from 25GHZ till 100 GHZ. The UTL DWDM of 10g is complete OTN compliant with field proven GMPLS features.

The capability of UTL WDM is proved in filed to handle various type of fibre and loses with an impeccable track record of service long haul links builds with a length of 1000 Km plus.

Key features of UTL 10G DWDM System:

  • 10G system upgradable to 40G
  • 40 Channel system upgradable to 80 Channel and 80 Channel system upgradable to 120 Channel
  • Complete long haul system
  • L band compliant system with 32 Channel and upgradable to higher orders on specific need
  • High gain amplifiers with specially customized and designed EDFA , RAMAN etc to meet specific parametric needs of operators
  • WSS based MD ROADM of 8 degree and higher
  • Complete GMPLS enabled system